About Us


Welcome to Roof and Rack Products, Inc., the World’s Leader and Authority in the Marine Dry Storage industry. For over 35 years, company owners Bill and Dave Roof along with their comprised team of highly trained personnel have worked to perfect and provide the highest quality boat rack storage systems. Being the only company in the world that devotes 100% of its time to the boat rack storage industry, you can be guaranteed that your development or addition will be designed to meet and maximize all of your needs.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment at Roof and Rack Products, Inc. is very simple, “We judge ourselves by the number of satisfied customers, not the number of sales.” Every project whether big or small is handled as if it were our own investment and designed to maximize all land-use potential while keeping in mind the financial viability that needs to occur. At Roof and Rack Products, Inc. we aim to build relationships with our clientele and offer any knowledge or services we can provide after our scope of work is complete.

Our Products

Our Products range from providing individual ground stands, outdoor boat racks, to the state of the art boat storage buildings, ship’s stores, offices, maintenance buildings, mini storage units and retail space.

Our Services

Our Services range from providing your organization with Consultation, Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Installation. Roof and Rack Products, Inc. has been a Florida State Certified General Contractor [CGCo3554] since 1996 and understands the “ins and outs” of the construction process that our clients incur. Over the past 35 years we have manufactured and installed all styles and types of boat storage systems that have met our client’s needs. Whether you are looking to store pwcs, pontoons, center consoles, cruisers, there is no boat we can not handle.

Knowledge and Guidance

Knowledge and Guidance is key when looking at the profitability of a new project by establishing a well-developed master plan, keeping costs within budget, and implements efficient operation. Roof and Rack Products, Inc. has a proven track record to aid your project through every stage of development. With over 35 years of knowledge, having Roof and Rack Products, Inc. on your development team could surely help you shave excess costs and guarantee the best possible product while maximizing all leasable space.

Layout Design

A proper Layout Design can mean the difference between a highly successful and an inoperable business which can add up to hundreds of thousands or more of lost potential revenue. There are many design issues that need to be addressed when planning your site layout in order to ensure you receive maximum storage potential. Consulting and layout design is just one of the many advantages of going with Roof and Rack Products, Inc.


Engineering boat racks and rack supported dry storage facilities requires a specific type of design that most engineers are not accustomed with. Roof and Rack Product Inc.’s two in-house engineers of over an accumulative 25 years have perfected the structural design of boat rack storage systems to make the most cost effective, user friendly and highest quality product that the industry has to offer. Every boat rack system is built in accordance with national standards to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the American Iron Steel Institute (AISI). All of our dry storage facilities are configured to accommodate industry standard forklift operations and can be alerted for situation application requiring overhead stacker-crane systems. Our buildings are designed to meet our client’s needs, whether it be a system that uses a fork lift or gantry crane to move the boats.

Our Products

Our Products are designed and made from North America’s highest quality structural Steel. Never will our product be fabricated with flat plate welded together, which can leave air pockets allowing both water and salt air conditions to rust the steel from the inside out. Not only does fabricated steel have a shorter shelf life but it is also much more bulky than structural steel, leaving you less leasable space. On top of that, Roof and Rack Products, Inc. has all of their galvanized steel dipped to be 6-7mils thick where the standard is 3-4mils thick. Lastly, Roof & Rack Products, Inc.’s rack supported structures cut the cost and amount of steel required, allows more leasable space for a higher return on investment and can also be eligible for tax benefits.

Proven Construction Management

Proven Construction Management is one of the main reasons why the majority of our project developments are constructed by our highly trained and Professional work crew(s). Roof and Rack Products, Inc. is a State Certified General Contractor (Florida-CGCo5403S) and has the capabilities and resources to oversee and develop from permitting to Completion. No matter the size or complexity of the project, Roof and Rack Products, Inc. can handle your Construction management needs while keeping in mind the importance of completing the development as expeditiously as possible.