Beach House Yacht Club – Roof Repair

In April of 2012, Beach House Yacht Club in Surf City, North Carolina, hired Roof & Rack Products, Inc to do minor repairs to their partially enclosed boat rack storage facilities.  Due to extremely heavy winds during a particular storm, Beach House Yacht Club was left with minor roof damage.  Needing to repair and replace the damaged roof panels as soon as possible, Roof & Rack Products, Inc sent their construction crew up to Surf City to get the job finished in little to no time.  Approximately 9,100 square feet of roof sheeting were used to replace the missing and damaged roof panels.  Along with the roof panels, they also had to take down and replace multiple purlins, gutters and down spouts.

Whether your marina needs minor or major repairs, contracting Roof & Rack Products, Inc for the job will ensure you that we will not only finish the job 100% to your liking but will also hustle to make sure it is finished with no delay.

Beach House Yacht Club
412 Rowland Ave.
Surf City
NC, 28445
(910) 328-2628