Since its launch in 2003, EUROMARINA Review has been the source for many European boaters and businesses in the marine industry for issues related to marine management, marina equipment and services, maintenance, as well as environmental and operational regulations.  Not only does EUROMARINA Review cover several topics which help guide and educate those in the marine industry, but they also serve as a tool to network boaters with marinas.

In issue 8-5 of 2011, Roof and Rack Products, Inc broke new barriers when United Kingdom’s newest and largest dry storage facility located at Trafalgar Wharf was publicized in EUROMARINA Review.  Located in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, Trafalgar Wharf’s owners contracted Roof & Rack Products, Inc to design, engineer, fabricate, and deliver multiple sets of boat racks which were installed into a pre-existing storage barn, just off of the English Channel.  Once installed, Trafalgar Wharf became the first and only drystack marina in the area, offering rack storage for 160 boats up to 39 feet in length and 20,000 lb capacity.  Already offering a boatyard and shipyard along with a maintenance and service area for their customers, Trafalgar Wharf’s boat rack storage building is the icing 0n the cake for boaters in Portsmouth, United Kingdom.