Boat Stands

Portable and Versatile Storage Solutions

Roof & Rack’s Portable Boat Stands, also known as Yard Stands or Ground Stands, provide the client a simple and versatile way to increase their capacity, productivity, and revenue…

  • Engineered efficiently for lower freight costs, we can fit up to 7 sets per pallet
  • Built to hold vessels weighing from 5,000lbs. to 30,000lbs
  • Designed for your dollar, they are quick and easy to assemble.
  • Easy to move about your property with existing forklift truck.
  • An excellent way to accommodate growing pains or maintain business during renovations.

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Our Portable Ground Stands

…are available as simple, stable, ground-level “stands” to house boats, and arrive on-site ready for easy assembly. They are made to erect on a level compacted grade and offer inclined placement of marine craft for easy drainage. They can also be outfitted with caster wheels to increase mobility and ease of relocation. Want to know more?