Roof & Rack Products, Inc.’s Fully Enclosed Facilities offers both marina owners and their customers the most protection that any boat rack storage system can offer. These types of facilities provide the most elemental protection and offer the best way to maintain your boater’s vessel value. Our Conventional, Double-Wide, and Triple-Wide storage facilities are custom-engineered rack-supported “Structures” where the boat racks are structurally integrated into the building.


Our conventional storage facilities have the boat racks located on each side of the fort lift aisle

Double Wide

Our Double-wide Storage Facilities are basically two conventional storage systems put together. Having four rows of boats and two aisles. This style of facility is by far the most versatile system because you can store longer/ larger boats in the rows that are “face to face”.

Triple Wide

Our Triple-wide storage facilities are basically three convention storage systems put together. These systems are typically used if you have a specific narrow site footprint.