Simone Oatley

July 10, 2019

Roof & Rack Products did not earn their title with ease, nor because they have worked with hundreds of customers, but because they are the most experienced Company in the industry and proudly supply the end user with a superior, ecologically-sound and Extremely user-friendly product”.Concerning ’drystack racking’, Simon added, ”I think it is easy to assume that racking is Very straightforward and can be designed by anyone, but the knowledge Bill Roof and his staff have to offer means you end up with a custom-designed product that works. Also, With the ever-increasing cost of steel, having the correct steelwork for the job can offer a large saving against going it alone where you will often end up with an over-engineered design. This can more than compensate for the cost of shipping the finished product in from the USA”. Operating out of the USA, Roof & Rack Products Inc was contracted by Jonny Boys of Trafalgar Wharf Ltd in Portsmouth, UK, to design, engineer and manufacture a six-level indoor boat storage system, which can house up to 160 boats. Known as The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf, the 70,000 sq. ft building with full tidal access keeps boats safe, secure and in good condition. The facility is now Europe’s tallest indoor ‘d1-ystack racking’. The storage system is capable of storing boats 13 metres long, as well as boats weighing up to 13,636 kg. Simon Oatley, Trafalgar Wharf’s Operation’s Manager, stated that his group initially approached Roof & Rack Products simply due to the fact that the long- established company is one of the market leaders in ’drystack racking’, as well as being family-owned and operated. He said, ‘We know that Roof. Even though Roof & Rack Products is located in the Sunshine State of Florida, this has not hindered its ability or performance when working with clientele outside the USA. In recent years, Roof & Rack has manufactured and shipped boat storage systems to various locations all around the World. Currently, the company is in the process of shipping a 322-unit boat storage building to Panama. By having international Representatives throughout the various regions where leisure boating is popular, Roof & Rack can not only provide a more personal experience by working face-to-face, but can also give insight and help to clients considering the economic and environmental benefits of drystack racking.